Complete your bathroom set with a matching click-waste or drain plug. Choose one of the six colors for a nice match with your tap. That adds finesse to your bathroom.

Afvoerpluggen / clickwastes

Drain plugs / click wastes


    Clickwastes in your bathroom

    The click waste, also called a drain plug, is used to close or open the water drain in your sink. The click waste is therefore useful if you want to do a hand wash, for example, or to save water if you want to temporarily use warm water for something. Simply press and the clickwaste closes your sink. Press again and the drain is open again. It couldn't be easier.

    Closable drain plugs or not

    If your wash basin does not have an overflow, a hole at the top of your wash basin or wash basin top, where excess water disappears into when you close the drain with a click waste, then a drain plug with a grid is useful.

    In the color of your tap or just standard

    The click wastes and drain plugs have a universal size, so they fit on every sink, basin or washbasin top that we sell. And did you know that they are also available in many colors? It looks great to match the color of the click waste on your sink with the color of the sink tap on your bathroom furniture.