You can also buy your matching siphon at DroomHout. No fewer than 6 trendy colors that match your tap, mirror and shower tap beautifully. That gives a beautiful balance in the bathroom.





    Nobody likes to think about drainage problems and unpleasant odors in the bathroom. That's where the siphon shines as a true superstar of hygiene and convenience. The siphon is the connection between your sink and the sewer and ensures that water is drained smoothly. Unwanted odors and possible blockages are stopped. This means that unpleasant odors do not have a chance to escape outside. At DroomHout you will find siphons with different functions. The siphon can be built into a bathroom cabinet to save space as much as possible. If the siphon is visible in your bathroom design, there are various design siphons that match nicely with your tap and clickwaste, or drain plug.

    Design siphon at DroomHout

    Today's siphons are not only for washbasin furniture. The designer siphon looks great under a sleek washbasin top or washbasin with a beautiful wooden shelf and is available in different colors to match your bathroom tap and clickwaste or drain plug.

    The functions of a siphon

    A siphon is designed to divert water from sinks, sinks, showers and bathtubs into the sewer or drain system. This prevents water from accumulating in these drain points and ensures effective water drainage.