Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak
Wall shelf solid oak

Wall shelf solid oak

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Wall shelf made of solid oak

This solid oak wall shelf is a pure design icon for your home or kitchen . Or a cool accessory for the office. Your most beautiful wall plaque is made of solid European oak in no less than 30 or even 40 mm thickness. Just a super sleek solution to display and store your stuff. Nice design tip: choose the same finish for your wall shelf as for your dining table , which gives a nice balance to your interior. Or match the color with your kitchen fronts , that's very cool.

Wall shelf with floating effect

You see wall shelves with all kinds of hanging systems. These are often brackets or holders under the shelf that give the wall shelf its stability. But for this wall shelf from DroomHout we opt for a 'blind' hanging system. Your wall shelf is simply attached to the wall with 2 very strong pins. Because that system is beautifully integrated into the wall shelf, it appears as if the shelf is floating. 

High load wall shelf

These 2 wall pins are supplied as standard. They are suitable for a load of up to 80 kg. This ensures that your wall shelf will hang beautifully for a long time. And above all, that you can also say quite a bit about it. Handy, right? Make sure you are mounting your wall shelf on a load-bearing wall. 

How do I hang a wall shelf?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question. If you buy this wall shelf, you will receive the hanging system. These are 2 metal pins of approximately 15 cm in length. One part of the pin (approximately 5 cm) goes into the wall. The other part (approximately 10 cm) goes into the pre-drilled holes in your wall shelf. To start, simply drill 2 holes with a diameter of 10 mm in your wall at the same distance as the holes in the wall shelf. Insert the supplied wall plugs into those holes and screw in the wall pins. The great thing about these wall pins is that they are a-centric. The means that you can easily adjust them by turning slightly. This is useful if you want to get your wall shelf exactly horizontal or if the holes are not exactly in the same place. Finally, simply slide the shelf over the pins and voilá: your wall shelf is hanging.

Can this wall shelf also be removed?

Of course. Because the wall shelf is slid loosely over the wall pins, it can also be removed again. So if you move, your wall shelves can go with you.

How has the DroomHout wall shelf been treated?

By default you can choose between “untreated”, “white oak”, “warm oak” and “white oak”. If you only use your wall shelf to put dry things on it, such as books, then you basically do not need to treat the wall shelf. If you want to offer your wall shelf more protection, choose clear, warm or white oak. These options are with lacquer. This varnish also provides better protection against yellowing caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. This way you give your wall shelf exactly the look that matches your interior. 

Custom wall shelf

If the size you want is not listed, don't worry. At DroomHout we also make custom wall shelves . Lengths of up to 400 cm are possible. Ask about the options by sending us an email with the desired sizes. We will let you know as soon as possible what your custom wall shelf will cost and what the delivery time will be. 

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